My name is

Slava Yuta Maks.

I love to tango. But most of all I love to dance tango nuevo. 

Nuevo is not a dance, but a teaching method that allows you to dance tango nuevo at any age.

Me and my wife Julia are in love with tango nuevo. 
We have danced many kilometres together at hundreds of milongas and dozens of marathons. Yes, most of them were with traditional tango, but who says nuevo is not tango? With years of dancing tango with thousands of tango and nuevo tango partners and working with students, we have developed our own author's method of teaching nuevo tango.  
We did not invent it, nothing is new under the moon. We have collected by bits and pieces of what the great maestros danced and taught, looking for what seems at first glance insignificant, but are fundamental to safe and easy tango nuevo. We use our knowledge of biomechanics and kinesiology to tighten muscles and ligaments, martial arts and acrobatic techniques to understand the capabilities of the human body
Our tango nuevo style is soft and non-aggressive, but at the same time with safe acrobatic elements that give a certain extravagance to our tango. During the training the focus is on a correct and soft gait, both on your own and in pairs. The correct positioning of the feet and the whole body to safely keep balance and preserve your feet for many years to come. 
During the training we give the same material for women and men. Because we believe (only) this way you can truly trust and understand your partner, and we will give you the tango nuevo feeling, which you will remember for years.

Tango nuevo emotions

Nuevo helps to express the emotions that arise from contact with music.